How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO 2022
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How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO There are many ways to market your dental practice. SEO for dentists can help grow your practice and reduce your paid ads cost. Dentists often overlook dental SEO because they are focused on their customers. Work with to take advantage of everything increased SEO has to offer.


What Is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is search engine optimization for dental practices. We can adjust your website so customers can easily navigate your pages. Improvements also help your site rank higher on search engine results. The higher your website shows up on customer searches for dental offices, the better. 

Why You Need Dental SEO

how dentists benefit from good seo services
how dentists benefit from good seo services

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO 2022 Dentists need SEO because the dental industry is competitive. If your website has a low ranking on search engines, customers might not see you, and you could miss out on their business.

Hiring to improve your dental SEO will allow you to focus on your customers. Enhancing your practice’s SEO will help current and new customers find your dental practice easily. We can help your practice in the following five ways:

1. Improve How Your Dental Practice Website Works

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO 2022 Enhancing your website’s SEO makes the site easy to use, mobile compatible, and doesn’t have major technical issues. A website that runs well and is easy to use will also help your SEO and benefit your customers.

2. Increase Your Dental Practice’s Searchability

Your dental practice needs to have good searchability. Searchability means customers can find you in the search engine’s search results. Showing up on the first search result page is necessary because most potential customers won’t look at multiple results pages.

3. Build Trust and Credibility With Patients

Your site will have to present meaningful information to visitors. SEO doesn’t just help improve where your website appears in search results. It can help your practice build trust and credibility with patients.

We suggest having relevant blogs, an up-to-date “About Us” page, and a “Contact Us” page on your website. Posting or linking articles about your practice will also help improve trust and credibility with site visitors.

4. Increase New Patients

With better searchability, new customers searching for “dentists near me” and other commonly used search phrases will find your dental practice’s website easily. Since your practice appears higher in search results with improved SEO, you are more likely to capture new business than without SEO.

5. Reduce Paid Ads With Local SEO

Think about how customers currently find your practice. Dentists commonly use mailers, patient referrals, and advertisements to attract customers. With increased SEO and first-page search results visibility, dentists can reduce the amount of money they allocate towards paid ads. Customers will find the dental practice organically through their online searches.

How Improves SEO for Dentists

how dentists benefit from good seo tools
how dentists benefit from good seo tools

As a dentist, you may not have the time to focus on your website’s SEO. Work with to improve your dental SEO. We take a multi-strategy approach to help your business thrive in your local market.

Website Audit

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO 2022 The first step our team takes to improve your website’s SEO is to complete a website audit. We look to see any areas where your website needs improvement. Then, we verify whether Google and other search engines can index your website. 

Our audit will detect broken links, site indexability, site crawlability, internal link distribution, backlinks, speed and performance, and more.

Keyword Research

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO 2022 Our team completes detailed keyword research on which search terms you need to attract paying customers. Keywords must align with the words and phrases customers use in a search engine to find your business.

We recommend using two types of keywords. The first type of keyword is relevant keywords. Relevant keywords are specific to your business and the type of customer you wish to attract.

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO
How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO

The second type of keyword is location-based keywords. Location-based keywords are specific to your practice’s desired service area. Your site should have a good mixture of both types of keywords.

Content Strategy

How Dentists Benefit From Good SEO 2022 Having relevant content on your website is necessary for any SEO campaign. We can help you design a thorough content strategy. Content strategies include both onsite and offsite content.

Blogs go on your site to provide valuable information to your site visitors. Offsite articles go on other sites and direct customers back to your site. Business feature articles are pieces that promote your business. Our team works to make sure your site has a balance of content that will best promote your site on any search engine results page. 

On-Page Strategy

On-page SEO boosts your website’s SEO by focusing on the things you can control on your site, including:

  • Content quality
  • Title and headline tags
  • Image descriptions
  • Internal links
  • Site navigation

Your website should also have appropriate pages that customers find helpful. Common pages include:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog

You can also have additional pages on your site if they are beneficial. Your pages should help customers and site visitors understand your practice’s mission and values. They can give detailed information about the various in-office services available and which insurance companies you accept. 

Off-Page Strategy

Off-page SEO is a strategy where your business is promoted by links to your website, not on your website. The process includes directing social media posts and mentions to your site.

Google My Business (GMB) is another off-page strategy businesses can use to help customers find you and improve your SEO. GMB lists your location information, service area, hours of operation, and contact information. Google Maps also allows customers to find your business quickly. 

Technical Strategy

Technical SEO covers the technical specifications of your website and determines if your site is running smoothly. Our team checks to see that customers can easily navigate your website with an optimized end-user experience. Your mobile layout and ease of use are taken into consideration, too.

Suitable adjustments are made to your website’s back-of-house to allow web crawlers to assess your site’s ease of use. Our team will work on increasing site speed, fixing backlinks, improving site security, and adding meta tags.

Over the past two years, searches for dental SEO have seen a tremendous rise of 135% globally. And a stark growth of 235% in North America. The influx of Dental SEO marketing is pivotal for driving traffic to your dental practice website. Higher search engine ranking can only be achieved through strategized content marketing.

Guide To SEO For Dentists
Guide To SEO For Dentists

Dental SEO marketing optimizes your website through rich and rankable content. Along with keywords that are relevant to your geographic area and niche. This strategy communicates critical information that enables a higher ranking on your SERP.

As 46% of searches are locally based, Canadian dental SEO helps you build a local community.

This blog guides you through the benefits of SEO for dentists and How to navigate through local Canadian Dental SEO. Finding the right dental SEO services provider helps you get ahead by initiating search engine optimization with an audit.

Although it may seem daunting, dental SEO services leverage the best practices for you.

Why do Dentists need SEO?

With more than 176% of increased searches for ‘dentists near me’ and a 72% increase in searches for Dental Clinics in the past 5 years. These trends show a rapid spike in people’s interest in dental clinics. The influx of competition calls for expert dental SEO services. As a dental practice, it’s important to leverage search engine optimization to rank higher on search results.

Being at the forefront brings organic traffic and helps educate about your practice. At the same time, SEO for dental practices builds credibility and loyalty amongst prospective consumers. While helping you get ahead in your local communities as a credible resource of knowledge and information.

Key benefits of dental SEO marketing include:

  • It helps keep up with competitors that have a robust online presence.

  • Increase in walk-in patients by making it easier for patients to locate dental practices online.

  • Building a credible reputation online through reviews and FAQs.

  • Being a trustworthy source of information through unique and credible resources and articles.

  • Improve client retention by managing a presence online.

  • Streamline your marketing efforts with niche SEO for dentists.

What is SEO Dentistry?

Dental SEO services or SEO dentistry is a combination of strategies that improve the visibility of one’s website, in this case, a dental clinic’s visibility. Strategies such as content creation, competitor analysis, and keyword research provide tailored solutions that increase website traffic. In essence, this process gains organic viewership and curated traffic through search engines.

Research suggests that over 60% of consumers prefer a solid online presence regarding their health care providers. Consumers pick one over the other depending on the reviews, online presence, and credibility. Dentistry is a highly competitive profession compared to other healthcare providers. Dental SEO services are essential in drawing more tailored traffic to your practice.

How Dental SEO Marketing Increases Traffic To Your Dentistry Website.

According to SemRush, there are more than 40,000 monthly searches for dentists solely in New York City. Making dental SEO services a highly competitive niche. As a dental practice, when you leverage the high volumes of search through visibility and higher search engine ranking, you could see a stark increase in your traffic. Hypothetically, you capture just 1% of the audience searching for new dental clinics. It can result in an increase of traffic by 4000 organic leads. So, even if you were to just capture the attention of 0.5% out of the 4000 potential leads- you could be seeing an increase of 20 new patients every month. Dental SEO Marketing has the potential to bring 100% ROI.

Take this as an example, you’re spending roughly $4000/month for your SEO dentistry, and that brings you at least 20 more patients that pay an average of $400- you meet your target of 100% ROI.

What Can A Dental SEO Agency Do For you?

While 71% of the population turns to their search engines to find the proper dental practice. Dental SEO marketing can boost your practice through content marketing, PPC, and long-term conversion strategies. Canadian dental SEO further enhances your visibility by implementing local SEO and featuring your dental practice on google maps and local searches.

These benefits help any dental practice get ahead of their competition:

  • SEO Experts can create robust keyword strategies through Keyword Research for Dental SEO Marketing.

Keyword research is a crucial part of dental SEO services and is a critical contributor that generates high-quality traffic. When you hire an SEO company for a dental clinic’s website, the SEO agency will use best practices for dental SEO marketing to include relevant keywords on your website that communicate what you have to offer to your patients.

Dedicated teams devise proper keyword research for dental SEO marketing, including:

  • Competitor keyword search

  • Buyer intent keywords

  • Related search keyword

  • Seasoned SEO strategists create content that fits the dentistry niche, which helps your dental practice gain credibility, and becomes a trustworthy and reputable source of knowledge. Routine and frequent articles can improve ranking chances for specific keywords and enables you to gain impressions on Google search engine result pages.

  • Dental SEO services provide online reputation management through PR outreach strategies and content that bring positive mentions of your dental practice. Recent research found that 79% of consumers trust online reviews over other factors. Any online presence is incomplete without online reputation management.

  • Dental SEO marketing strategists ensure that your practice gets featured on the local pages, google maps, and in the ‘dentist near me’ option. Being indexed in a local directory improves the rank of your dental practice on the search engine results pages (SERPs), especially if you’re a Canadian dental SEO practitioner.

  • Dental SEO services uncover the technical aspect of SEO through rigorous SEO auditing, which often goes unnoticed. SEO experts fix broken links, increase mobile responsiveness, and clear 404 errors that can hinder the growth of your dental practice.

  • Experts use agile tools such as an off-page SEO audit that analyzes the backlink profile of your dental practice. In doing so, the growth of your practice can be scaled,  which can only be leveraged by a team of expert SEO strategists.

  • Dental clinic SEO also orchestrates pay-per-click marketing strategies to reach an informed target audience. This drives relevant traffic through the best SEO marketing techniques.

Grow Your Practice With SEO for Dentists.

Dental SEO marketing requires comprehensive and detailed-oriented strategies. However, the growing per-capita pool of dentists in Toronto is causing the market to become increasingly competitive. SEO services for dental practices help capitalize on local searches and attract new customers in the community.

Dental SEO Toronto does not have to be daunting to navigate- especially with the influx of competitors, now is the time to work with a Canadian dental SEO company.

Leveraging best practices for Dental SEO marketing can tremendously benefit your practice. Dental SEO marketing can tremendously help your practice by increasing your website’s online visibility to bring high-quality traffic.

Leverage the benefits of Pedestal Search’s SEO Strategies for Dentists Today. 

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