Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022
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Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022 Are you looking for a white label SEO company but don’t know which one is the best? Every business and agency (big or small) might come to a point where they’re looking to scale up and add additional services to their business lineup. Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022 For most agencies, digital marketing services, such as SEO, are extremely beneficial and sometimes necessary for most businesses to succeed online. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to add SEO to your digital marketing lineup?

best white label seo companies in 2022 india

In this article, we will explain what white labeling is, how it can be a smart marketing and business strategy, and which companies were rated the best white label SEO companies in 2022. Let’s get started!

White Label SEO Company – Resell Wholesale SEO Services

EZ Rankings is a white label SEO company. Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022  We provide white label SEO programs for small SEO agencies. You can resell our wholesale SEO for more revenue and more growth. Let us work for your clients under your brand name. You just have to look for more clients to get more revenue. Because reselling doesn’t need your interaction. However, you will have complete access to the white hat SEO services being provided to your clients.

White label seo

EZ Rankings is the best and trustworthy digital marketing company providing best white label SEO services to help small SEO agencies. Small agencies have clients but they cannot handle all of them at once. EZ Rankings help all these agencies to manage a large number of clients at once. Because we have expert staff and infrastructure ready to serve small agencies and their clients. As a small agency, become an SEO reseller, find more clients, and earn more money.

What is White Label SEO Services and What Are the Benefits?

When a third party company provides services to your clients under your name, it is known as white label services. The same thing happens when it comes to SEO. white label SEO services work similarly. Small SEO agencies can become resellers of big SEO companies or white label SEO companies. Then white label SEO company will provide services on behalf of a small SEO agency.

white label seo usa

There are many benefits to white label SEO services for agencies. It is good for all the three businesses included. In SEO white label services, three businesses are involved. The first is a white label SEO company, the second one is a reseller, and the third one is the client or customer company. Following are some benefits that a small SEO agency gets with white label SEO services:

Benefits of White Label SEO

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What is White Label SEO?
How Does White Label SEO Work?

Choosing white label SEO for your company and your clients brings in several benefits and help you scale your business revenue faster. As you get access to the best SEO professionals under your brand, your company attracts more clients. Below are some of the striking benefits of white label SEO that you should know:

It ensures authority –

When you choose white label SEO, you can ensure top-notch service quality for yourself and clients. Instead of hiring in-house SEO executives, you can ensure higher expertise to get SEO results much faster.

No software cost –

One of the biggest benefits of white label SEO services is that you don’t need to pay for expensive SEO tools as the agency will have you covered.

It saves time –

White label SEO saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to operate any activity. The SEO team will execute all the needful activities and deliver you performance-driven results.

It’s highly scalable –

Using white label SEO services you can serve your multiple clients without needing to hire additional resources. It makes the white label model highly scalable.

On-time reporting –

If you are doing SEO for your clients, you don’t have to worry about reports as the white label SEO agency will prepare them for you. It makes the overall communication seamless.

Most companies are looking to expand their online presence, and one way to accomplish this is through SEO. If you’re an agency working with clients who require SEO, but you can’t fulfill that need, it may be time to partner with a white-label SEO company.

What is a white-label SEO company?

A white label-SEO company provides SEO services for businesses that want to deliver those services under its brand. For example, a digital marketing agency may have 120 clients. Each of these companies requires 3 x blog articles per month. The agency may then approach a white-label SEO service provider to help them produce the 360 x articles their clients need per month under their brand name. It’s like ghostwriting, but specifically for SEO.

SEO white label companies provide various SEO services, including:

  • Keyword research
  • Backlink building
  • SEO copywriting
  • Page performance optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • and more.

Why work with a white-label SEO provider?

The benefit of working with a white-label SEO provider comes down to wanting to provide SEO services to your clients, but:

  • Not having the expertise to provide the service in-house
  • Not being able to deliver it at the scale required or projected to be required

The SEO services that white label companies provide can help you deliver marketing campaigns to your clients that help to:

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase search engine rankings
  • Increase conversions and sales
  • Increase brand awareness

White label providers are great to work with if you’re looking for SEO at scale and you don’t want to build the processes and systems within your company to fulfill the services your clients want. However, finding the right provider can be challenging.

Best white-label SEO companies

What is a White Label Marketing?

White labeling marketing is a relationship between two companies in which a third-party company delivers a product or service to another company under their branding, acting as an extension of their team and often working behind-the-scenes. This is also referred to as outsourcing.

Sometimes it’s a great opportunity for your company to add additional services to your business lineup. But when you want to add an additional service and have no experience with it, outsourcing with a professional white label company can help you level up your business without having to learn or understand the product fully. This type of business relationship can give your customers excellent services while also training and helping your agency find more customers.

What Services Do White Label SEO Companies Usually Offer?

The best white label SEO companies typically deliver full-service SEO campaigns that address various needs depending on the website in question. This includes:

What are the 10 Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022?

The following companies are rated among the best for their white label SEO services. Some may offer additional marketing services, but it’s important to note that they primarily focus on SEO:



                                             R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD -Digital marketing company in India

Founded in 2015 , R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD is one of the leading global white label SEO companies with partnering agencies located around the world. R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD headquarters are located in Lehi, Utah while also having a income tax officer based in Berlin, Germany. R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD provides full-service SEO packages delivered by experienced teams of specialists and Customer Success Representatives. Our white label SEO services include link building and off-site SEO, content creation, optimizing web pages for on-page SEO, and more.

Partnering agencies also have access to our proprietary software and reporting dashboard for full transparency into the campaign every step of the way — progress and status updates, submitting deliverables, and keyword performance tracking and campaign reporting.

Each partner also has access to free educational material to learn more about SEO and convey the value and ROI more effectively to their clients. In addition to that, we also offer free Sales Support to each partner in which a member of our Sales team joins a live sales call and guides you into getting a successful sale.

Pricing: R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD has set up differing SEO reseller plans for partnering agencies based on varying factors—target market types, number of locations, and industry competition levels. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all and R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD does not take that approach. Agencies are encouraged to speak with a team member regarding their needs and expectations so that the best possible plan is created for their managed websites and clients helping them reach their goals as quickly as possible.

2. HigherVisibility

best white label seo companies higher visibility

HigherVisibility is based in Memphis, Tennessee and was founded in 2009. They are a digital marketing agency that offers a variety of digital marketing services (including SEO, PPC, website development, etc.) as well as being an SEO reseller. They look for web design agencies or business consultants that have an established base of business clients in need of search engine marketing services.

Pricing: HigherVisiblity does not have their prices posted on their website. This can reflect that they might be more expensive than other white label agencies. However, it could be a situation where more details and information are needed to design a campaign and price point that will generate results most efficiently and effectively. To learn more about prices, you will need to contact them directly.

3. Agency Platform

agency platform home page

Agency Platform started in 2003 with a purpose in helping online marketing companies grow through digital marketing services. They have offices in New York and another in Lee’s Summit, Minnesota. Agency Platform offers a variety of white label services including: SEO, PPC, social media optimization, and web design optimizations.

They offer a free 15-day trial to test their services before fully committing. With this in mind, they offer different membership packages and it’s important for your agency to consider which option is the best one. The more expensive the package, the more services that come with it.

Pricing: Agency Platform offers four packages priced at various ranges depending on whether it’s a monthly or annual subscription. For annual subscriptions, packages start at $600 a year and go up to $6,000 a year. With monthly subscriptions, those same packages start at $50 and go up to $500 a month.

4. TheHOTH

best white label seo thehoth

Started in 2010, TheHOTH is an SEO company based in St. Petersburg, FL. They help businesses directly with SEO, PPC, reputation management, and content marketing services. When it comes to white labeling, they offer SEO services. TheHoth offers various packages with different SEO services included in each one allowing you to choose based on what applies best to your clients.

When it comes to them offering content creation services, be aware that they often outsource their content creation to a team of freelance ghostwriters. This can sometimes result in the quality of content varying significantly from order to order.

TheHOTH also offers a bulk buyers bonus to customers that regularly purchase in bulk. The more credits you earn, the more it can be used towards any of TheHOTH’s services and can bring in larger margins for your agency when you resell their products.

Pricing: They do not list specific price points or packages for their white label SEO partnerships but their managed SEO services start at $500 a month and can increase from there depending on what the business goals are, industry competition levels, and much more.

5. Semify

best white label seo semify home page

Semify, previously known as HubShout, is located in Drive Rochester, NY. They introduced their reseller program back in 2008 and their focus is mainly on outsourcing SEO. With Semify’s SEO reseller program, their US-based team provides SEO analysis, content creation, and link building services for you to sell to your customers. Semify acts as an extension of your team and preserves your brand identity to help maximize client SEO results and also grow your agency simultaneously.

Pricing: Semify prides itself on offering low package prices comparable to off-shore companies. However, their team is located exclusively in the United States. Monthly packages start at $294 and can go as high as $744 a month. Take a look at everything that’s included in each price point.

6. BrightLocal

brightlocal white label seo tools

BrightLocal made its debut in 2009 and has headquarters currently based in Brighton, UK. Along with additional offices in Houston, TX, Riverside, CA, and Kyiv, Ukraine. They have established themselves as a leader in citation building, a key strategy for local SEO campaigns. Used by many businesses and agencies alike, this service is direct to consumer, not a white label service.

While BrightLocal does not offer white label SEO services like the rest of the companies featured in this article, it does offer white label local SEO tools, such as creating reports, pitches, and prospects. BrightLocal offers a 14-day free trial to see if white labeling with their SEO reports is the right fit for your agency.

Pricing: BrightLocal offers annual or monthly subscriptions. Their white label tools are bundled into four packages ranging from $29 to $79 a month. For reviews only, there is a package starting at $8 a month. Enterprise businesses that need more resources, tools, and deliverables are encouraged to speak with a BrightLocal team member to discuss custom packages that are tailored to their unique needs.

7. SEOReseller

SEOReseller Homepage White Label

Based in San Francisco, CA, SEOReseller is an SEO company that delivers both direct-to-consumer and SEO services and white label SEO to agencies and businesses. They deliver services to specific industries as well, including law firms, healthcare, restaurants and hospitality, and home services. Rated as one of the best white label SEO companies for their keyword research, competitor analysis, site audits, content creation, link building, and much more. Along with white label SEO, they also offer white label PPC, white label reputation management, and white label web design.

Pricing: They do not list specific price points for their white label services. However, they do mention three SEO Wholesaler white label offerings (packages) and what is included in each one. For reference, their direct SEO packages range from $899 a month to $1,499 a month.

8. DashClicks

dash clicks white label seo home page

Founded in 2009, DashClicks is both a digital marketing agency and a software company for small businesses. Several years later, they added white label fulfillment into their product offerings. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, DashClicks assigns each business that partners with them a dedicated project manager, certified SEO analysts, and SEO experts to help achieve quality traffic and high rankings. Along with white label SEO, they offer white label listings, white label content, white label social posts, white label Google ads, and white label Facebook ads.

Pricing: Starts at $199 a month and is split up into five plans: Basic, Pro, Plus, Premium, and Platinum. If your website has between 1-10 pages, DashClicks recommends opting into the Pro plan. For Websites with 11-20 pages, the Plus plan is recommended. 21-30 page websites are recommended for the Premium plan, and websites with more than 30 pages experience best results with the Platinum plan. You will need to contact DashClicks for specific price points for each of those plans.

9. LinkGraph

best white label seo company linkgraph

LinkGraph was founded in 2017, and is located in New York, New York. They provide both direct and white label SEO services as well as SEO software for leading brands to help them crush their growth and revenue goals — from small businesses to leading enterprise-level organizations.

LinkGraph’s white label SEO services are wide-ranging and businesses can create custom orders with à la carte services, such as HARO link building, microsite creation, content strategy creation, individual blog posts, and much more. LinkGraph also delivers paid media management, local search, and reputation management. They have industry focuses in enterprise SEO, ecommerce SEO, SaaS SEO, and small business SEO.

Pricing: LinkGraph offers products as low as $250 a month but managed SEO packages range between $2,500 to $10,000 a month. Businesses can request a custom quote to be made to fit their unique website performance and growth needs.

10. Victorious

Victorious SEO company homepage white label

Founded in 2012, Victorious offers several white label SEO services, including keyword research, SEO audits, link building, and SEO writing. Victorious takes a data-driven approach and places a strong emphasis on planning and executing “ROI-obsessed campaigns”. They are headquartered in San Francisco, CA, but can deliver local, national, and international campaigns. Some of their specified industry verticals include Ecommerce, SaaS, Travel, Real Estate, and even Cannabis.

Pricing: Victorious does not specify pricing information on their website. It’s encouraged to contact their team directly to better assist you in creating a campaign that will address all of your business needs and grow ROI.

What are the Benefits of White Label SEO?


There are many benefits that can come from partnering with a white label SEO company. One of the biggest benefits is the cost-effective options that are possible with it. It can be more affordable than meets the eye, and it all depends on your agency needs and demands.


Another benefit is the ability to save time when someone else is able to handle your SEO. When the white label company is able to handle your SEO, it gives your agency the opportunity to focus on other necessary and pressing matters, as well as areas that your company specializes in.

Recurring Revenue

SEO is one of the most sustainable marketing solutions available. While it can take several months to see results, it tends to generate recurring revenue over the long run as SEO is an ongoing strategy (not a one-time project).

Check out all of the benefits of white label SEO services here!

R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD is a white label SEO company offering SEO services for reseller agencies. 51Blocks can fulfill and manage your clients with their white label SEO solutions. They provide many services you can white-label, including local SEO, national SEO, link building, content creation, audits, reporting, and more.

The company has achieved impressive results for its clients, such as ranking #3 for the keywords “mortgage” and #2 for “dui lawyer denver.”

Tips for finding the right white-label SEO service

It can be tricky to sort and review the multiple white label SEO services to choose the best one for your business. So, how do you navigate through the options? Here are some quick tips to help you find the best white-label SEO service.

Keep an eye on their reviews and testimonials

If you haven’t worked with a company before, checking out their reviews and testimonials is essential. An SEO company with many happy clients signals they have a reputable service. The last thing you want is to walk away with an SEO service that isn’t getting results for your clients, which can hinder your business’s reputation.

Check out Google My Business reviews and other review sites like Glassdoor, Yelp, and Clutch. Many SEO companies will also display some testimonials on their website.

Note their communication style

white label seo usabest white label seo Strong communication throughout the onboarding, sales, and follow-up process is crucial. This shows they listen to your needs and goals, take your suggestions under consideration, and want the best outcome for your business.

While you might not know the exact communication style of the staff before you start working with a company, you can keep an eye out on how they communicate with you in the initial stages of the fulfillment process. Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022 What is their communication method and frequency? Sometimes, you’ll need to let the company know what you prefer.

This is also an excellent time to figure out what partnership you are looking for with the white label SEO company. Direct client communication means the SEO partner directly communicates with your client. In contrast, indirect client communication means their strictly behind the scenes doing fulfillment, leaving the client communication to your team. Once you know your desired scenario, it’s vital to let them know.

Are they transparent during the fulfillment process?

Providing full transparency is a green flag for a white label SEO company. No client wants fraudulent or dishonest practices, which can also negatively impact the reputation of your business. Ideally, you want to find an SEO partner with whom you can build a long-term relationship.

Choose a white-label SEO company that shows transparency with its contracts, services, practices, and agreements. This should include all aspects of the project fulfillment, including backlinks and link-building activities, code recommendations for blog pages, and other relevant content within your SEO campaigns.

A positive track record is important

You’ll most likely be looking for a white label SEO company that can show notable results they achieved for their clients. A reputable SEO partner should showcase their performance expertise and solid client retention rate when asked. Most SEO companies should also have relevant case studies or analytics reports with graphs and charts on their website or in reseller resources.

You can also look at the client logos or client mentions on their website and do some additional research. How are their clients performing? Check out their stats and rankings with SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs.

The bottom line

Many white-label SEO companies can help you fulfill your clients’ SEO needs. Ultimately, choosing the right SEO provider will depend on what services you’re looking for, their expertise and experience, and how closely you want the company to work alongside yours

Choosing R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD as Your White Label SEO Partner

All of the companies listed here are rated as the best white label SEO companies, and each one has something to offer your agency or business. At R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD , we are the global leaders in white label SEO for small to medium-sized businesses. LaunchPad, R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD proprietary technology platform, powers a platform built for scale, affordability, and value. Best White Label SEO Companies in 2022 Tracking over 2.3 million keywords per month, R.P.TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD makes decisions based on millions of bits of data, enabling us to get 86% of our customers on the 1st page of Google in 6-9 months.

We know SEO and we’re here to help your agency succeed by helping your customers succeed. Learn more about our white label SEO partner program today to become one of our next successful partners!

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